About Coach Mike - Mike McKinnon is an Experienced Math and Science Instructor

Coach Mike is a dedicated and experienced STEM instructor with a strong focus on mathematics and science education. With over 7 years of teaching experience, he has developed expertise in delivering high-quality instruction that meets the rigorous California standards in both Math and Science for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

With a science degree in EET (Electronic Engineering and Technology), Coach Mike brings a solid foundation in mathematical principles and problem-solving strategies. His corporate world experience as a systems analyst working with programmers and IT professionals across various industries has provided him with practical knowledge and real-world applications of math and science concepts.

Coach Mike's commitment to academic excellence is reflected in his ability to effectively engage students in mathematical and scientific thinking. He understands the importance of aligning the curriculum with California standards, including the Math and Science frameworks, and is adept at creating learning experiences that enable students to meet and exceed these standards.

Passionate about mathematics, Coach Mike firmly believes in his motto "Math First, then have Fun." He fosters a love for math in his students by making it accessible, engaging, and relevant to their lives. Through hands-on activities, problem-solving exercises, and critical thinking challenges, Coach Mike creates a dynamic learning environment where students can develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Coach Mike's expertise extends beyond the classroom. He is well-versed in working with various charter schools, including Sky Mountain, SCALE Leadership Academy, Innovative Education Management, Inc., Ocean Grove, South Sutter, Sage Oak Charter Schools, Cabrillo Point Academy, Mission Vista Academy, Pacific Coast Academy, Excel Academy Charter School, JCS Inc., Blue Ridge Academy, and more. His familiarity with different educational systems and requirements allows him to tailor his instruction to meet the specific needs of each school.

Above all, Coach Mike's passion lies in the pursuit of knowledge and the joy of sharing that knowledge with his students. He is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive learning environment that empowers students to excel in math and science. With his expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to student success, Coach Mike is an invaluable asset to any educational institution.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about Coach Mike's teaching methods and accomplishments, please feel free to reach out.