Mike McKinnon


Mike is an instructor for K-12. He networks with a variety of teachers and professors to bring the excellent online classes to his students. Staying ahead of the curve is his goal. His nickname is Music Mike, and his motto is algebra first.

Mike holds degrees in Sociology and EET - Electronic Engineering and Technology. He has corporate world experience as a systems analyst working with programmers and IT professionals on various software platforms across multiple industries. He is also certified in CPR, First Aid, and SCUBA.

Mike enjoys teaching math, language, art, music, science, social studies, computer science, and visual arts. Free assessments are provided.

1st class $125/mo. Add 2nd class $75/mo. 3rd class no cost - ask me how

Math - Fun with Math - finding algebra - K-5 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Math Pre-algebra - geared towards high school 6-8 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Math Algebra - geared towards high school exit exam 9-12 -Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Language - Fun with reading and writing K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Language - Reading writing - 6-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Art - Line art drawing - color theory - K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Art - Gesture drawing - action, form, and pose K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Music - Music theory, rhythm, instrumentation K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Science - What's the matter? K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Social Studies - United States history and geography K-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

Raspberry Pi Electronics/Robotics 6-12 - Mon-Thur 8-4 online

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