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Mike McKinnon

Coach Mike is a STEM instructor for K-12 with a science degree in Electronic Engineering and Technology.  He networks with a variety of teachers and professionals to bring the excellent online classes to his students. Staying ahead of the curve is his goal.  His nickname is Coach Mike and his motto "Math First, then have Fun."

Classes include Math: Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analysis, Calculus, Science, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Robotics, Animation, as well as the arts, music, drawing, and the incredibly fun Stop-Motion Animation classes.

Approved instructor: Mike McKinnon

Background clearance: DOJ, FBI

Subject: Multiple Subject

Vendor Name: Mike McKinnon

Address: PO Box 2004

City: Mission Viejo

State: CA

Zip: 92690

Phone: (949) 682-8221