About ClubPCC: Providing Comprehensive Curriculum - live online classes that meet standards, includes core subjects and enriching STEM experiences in stop-motion animation and coding projects in Scratch.

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Meet Our Instructors: Led by Coach Mike, he is passionate about education and committed to helping students succeed. With expertise in STEM fields and a dedication to excellence, our instructors bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and real-world experience to every classroom.

Coach Mike offers a diverse range of classes to cater to various interests and academic needs: Core classes with Math, Language Arts, and Science, and enrichment classes with Coding, Stop-motion Animation, and Robotics; Providing Comprehensive Curriculum.

Approved instructor: Coach Mike

Background clearance: DOJ, FBI

Subject: Multiple Subject

Vendor Name: Mike McKinnon

Address: PO Box 2004

City: Mission Viejo

State: CA

Zip: 92690

Phone: (949) 682-8221



Payment: Zelle