Stop Motion class 

16-week online course on animation with a focus on stop-motion techniques, taught by Coach Mike:

Week 1 - Introduction to Animation and Stop Motion (1 hour)

Week 2 - Storytelling and Character Development (1 hour)

Week 3 - Set Design and Prop Building (1 hour)

Week 4 - Stop Motion Animation Techniques and Practice (1 hour)

Week 5 - Critique and Feedback (1 hour)

Weeks 6-9 - Advanced Techniques and Special Effects (1 hour per week)

Weeks 10-13 - Collaboration and Group Projects (1 hour per week)

Weeks 14-15 - Portfolio Development (1 hour per week)

Week 16 - Final Presentation and Conclusion (1 hour)

Note: Throughout the course, the instructor can also provide resources and materials for students to use, such as software and online tutorials. Additionally, the instructor can hold office hours outside of